Enable Real Estate Industry with Property Technology Seminar


Enable Real Estate Industry with Property Technology
Property Technology (ProTech) is no doubt to improve productivity in many sectors. With the latest technology, portfolio, leases, and facilities management process can be improved efficiently. A large amount of data collected from user activity and preferences allows building owners and managers to understand their tenants and more responsive to their needs and improve the security. Alibaba Cloud, FlexSystem, and Stoneroad will organize a seminar on 27 April 2018 to share the latest technologies, tips, and advice to the industry.
Event Highlights

Learn more about how to make use of technologies to manage property effectively for business achievements
Improve Building Management and Internet of Things for Real Estate
Equip with “SMART” features operation for security and monitoring
Explore the value of data on Cloud
Faster service, more revenue by Lease Management Automation
Deliver Insights to your Property Portfolio and Cashflow

Event Photos