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About Us

Internet of Things

With a tiny, connected computer attached, any object can generate a data stream and potentially become an asset monitored via the web: from a vending machine to a money bundle, from an agricultural vehicle to a rail crossing. But to create the so-called Internet of Things you must manage the interface between real world and digital world, between sensors and web, between devices and Cloud.

Cloud Platforms

We know both how to process significant data in real world applications and how to move it into the Cloud. Today, all our hardware platforms and devices can easily plug into the Cloud infrastructure, allowing our customers to have new value-add services and asset monitoring applications.

ecmonitor Sensor Cloud Platform

ecMonitor® provides your data, anywhere, instantly.


Getting data from different sensors to Sensor Cloud.


View sensor data sets instantly with Data, Graphics, Map Views.


Set user-defined alerts to monitor proactive alerts.


History data reports, analysis reports, big data reports to increase the KPI.

ectrakAsset Management Cloud Platform

ecTrak® not only provide you to track and trace your fleet/assets simply and fast. Help you to import your business KPI.


Getting either in-door or out-door location data from your assets.


Handle large assets display in one map with fast graphic display.


Reports to help understand your assets movement and status.


Big data analysis tools to help you to improve your business KPI.