Low Cost

Energy efficiency

ecMonitor® Smart Building Solution

ecMonitor® is an IoT platform that supports multiple wireless connection technologies, we can use the minimal wireless infrastructure to cover all the area of the building or the campus in combine all kind of IoT technical into one single platform.


ecMonitor® Cloud Platform and Mobile Applications

ecMonitor® Cloud platform provide all-in-one IoT platform to collect all kind of data from the building, it also provides all necessary functions and data analysis for end-user directly.

IOT sensor monitor

mobile phone
  • ecMonitor® ACK Mobile Apps support Android and IOS
  • User can use the ecMonitor® ACK Mobile Apps to receive the building alert message
  • It also provides a simple and standard workflow for the user to follow the alerts
  • It supports push notification
  • ecMonitor® ACK Mobile Apps Android tablet version suitable for user to monitor multiple buildings together
  • It provides audio and vision notification
  • User can easily monitor and notify the status of the alerts
  • It supports push notification
  • ecMonitor® Cloud platform provides a web-based portal
  • User can view all sensors data
  • User can self-defined the rules of notification from the building
  • User can self-defined the group of sensors and a group of users
  • User can generate different analysis reports and the raw data
IoT sensors for Smart Building
Water Sensor

Wireless IoT Water Solution

  • Water Leakage detection
  • Water Level monitoring
  • Water Flow monitoring

Wireless IoT Security Solution

  • Door Security alert
  • Indoor / Outdoor Security alert
  • People Detection alert

Wireless IoT Environment Solution

  • Temp. & Hum. monitoring
  • Noise level monitoring
  • Smell level monitoring

IoT with Building Data

  • Equipment data collection
  • Wireless panel box
  • Building data integration
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