Technical display on control panel with electrical equipment devices cabinet, light
ecMonitor® collect building data
Flood sensor
Wirless Signal Box
  • Connect to building panel box
  • Connect up to three dry contact from the panel box
  • Redirect the dry contact signal to the mobile phone wirelessly
  • Wireless communication support: NBIoT or LTE
Collect equipment data though Modbus
  • Suitable directly connect to your building equipement that is using Modbus interface
  • Connect multiple equipments together
  • Realtime collect the equipement data
  • Remotely control your equipment data using Modbus
  • Wireless communicaiton: NBIoT or LTE
Collect power consumption information
  • Collect the building power consumption
  • Support three phases and up to 15 CT sensors conencted together
  • Currect support from 5A to 1,500A
  • Safety: IEC/UL 61010-1 Ed. 3.0 B:2010
  • CE: IEC 61000-6-1 Ed. 3.0 B:2016
  • IEC 61000-6-3 Ed.2.1 B:2011
  • Wireless communication support: NBIoT or LTE
Installation references

Panel box

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Panel box


Power monitoring

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Multimeter monitoring

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