How ecMonitor® help you to resolve the problem and the challenge of water problem!

The problems
  • Customer complaint
  • Damage the machines
  • Stoppage of services
  • Pay repairing cost
The challenges
  • Unexpected when & where it may happen
  • Create damage just in few minutes
  • Regular inspection is very expensive
  • No connection and power supply in some of the area
ecMonitor® solutions
  • Plug and play water sensors
  • Different types of water leakage sensors for different cases
  • Embedded with wireless communication
  • 7×24 nonstop operation
  • Provide proactive alerts directly to your team
  • Provide reports and data analysis
ecMonitor® IoT Water Sensors
Flood sensor
Two-Point contact type
  • Two-point contact type is suitable for room environment to detect water leakage
Water Rope type

Water rope type is suitable for water flow detection

Water Level detector

Water level detector used to detect water tank water level and water flow

Installation references
Lift shaft water leakage detector

Lift shaft water leakage detection

Pump room water leakage detection

Pump rooms water leakage detection

water meter room water leakage detector

Water meter room water leakage detection

Toilet Water leakage detector

Toilet water leakage detection

water tank leakage

Big water tank over flow detector

Water flow pipe detector

Water flow pipe detector

water tank

Water tank water level measurement

Grease trap over flow detection

Grease trap over flow detection