Smart Toilet Management

ecMonitor® Smart Toilet Management solution enables property management companies to optimize toilet cleaning operations and maximize the use of valuable resources. We do this by deploying the Cloud-based wireless sensors to a set of toilet monitoring sensors for the shopping mall and commercial buildings and using the data intelligence to drive operational efficiencies including optimized resources planning and resource analysis. ecMonitor® leverage the latest in IoT and cellular network technologies.

Key Features
  • Monitor your toilets at all times
  • Generate cleaning request order directly to your team
  • Save your service costs by up to 50%
  • Provide data analysis and reports
Flood sensor
People counter

ecMonitor® people count sensors telling you the number of people entering the toilets.

Odor reading

ecMonitor® sensors auto capture all the environmental odor reading and communicate over the IoT networks directly to the ecMonitor® cloud platform.

Auto cleaning order

ecMonitor®  cloud platform uses our toilet’s data automatically generate cleaning order to your team.

Dickson Chan
Senior Technical Manager

From now on, we don’t need to do regular inspection check for pump rooms, we can rely on the system to send us the status. This keeps our servicing costs down while ensuring we provide a better service to our customer.

May Tan
Senior Property Manager

The system really gives us more information about our facility usage during the different time frame on weekday and weekend. We use the auto work dispatch feature to save more our resource.

Wilson Wong
Senior Property Manager

The system is very easy to use, it is suitable for all kind of my staffs. I also can monitor the status anytime and anywhere.

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