ecTrak® Fleet Management

Target Users

The company need to manage vehicles and provide professional reports for KPI improvement


The company want to save money from their fleets operation and provide a safe driving behavior


The company want to integrate the fleets data with their operation flow in order to save cost


Refresh real-time map location every 30 seconds


Replay route history from history reply for up to 3 months


Variety of sensor connectivity


The unique feature, indoor tracking without any infrastructure


Trigger email and SMS alert when self-defined notification happens


Download reports in PDF, CSV or Excel format


Under the Cloud platform, all data has been protected with auto backup


Our professional team can offer customization and integration with your existing system

ecTrak® System

GPS Tracker manufactory at Germany

  • Support OBDII, Footbrake, and Handbrake signal
  • Support SOS button, speaker, and Microphone
  • Support external data including the temperature sensor, door sensor, etc

The unique feature, support indoor location tracking

  • Seamless tracking inside the underground carpark
  • Seamless tracking inside the tunnel
  • Seamless tracking driving under buildings

The unique feature, Hong Kong traffic condition dashboard

  • Monitor each tunnels driving require estimation time
  • Monitor major road traffic condition
  • Monitor average driving speed on major district
  • Monitor screen capture of roadside cameras
bubble map display

Custom-made vehicle display method, especially suitable for Hong Kong environment

  • Using a bubble map allows you to directly know how many vehicles in many places
  • Auto-split the vehicles when zooming in the place
  • Heatmap display

Real-time display vehicle location on the map

  • Standard vehicle information always show e.g. Date time, Engine status, Speed, Heading, Address, Driving distance
  • Dynamic information only show when data exists e.g. Harsh status, I/O status, SOS button pressed, Temperature readings, RPM status, brake status, etc

Weekly vehicle daily summary dashboard

  • Shows the weekly usage per day
  • Shows the weekly trip count per day
  • Shows Average speed per day
  • Shows driving distance per day
  • Shows SOS alert, harsh alert,  I/O status and external data reading per day
alert report

User self-define abnormal notification setting

  • Notification setting like Overspeed, Idling, Geo-fencing, SOS alert, Harsh alert, Temperature alert, etc.
  • Notification will send through email and SMS
  • Notification summary report can help the user to do performance analysis
driving-utilization report


  • Different reports using the chart and graphics to display the summary of data
  • Data also allow the user to download in CSV format