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Our Story

Stoneroad is a leading provider of cutting-edge IoT technologies and services, offering reliable solutions for buildings & facilities management of all sizes. We offer a total end-to-end service from devices, applications, platform, big data analysis, and all kind of maintenance services. We understand you and your team is very busy on your daily operation to maintain your buildings & facilities, why not use a smarter way to resolve your pain points and provider a better service to your customer. Get contact us today and speak with a member of our team!

Our Service Brand

ecMonitor® is a world-class IoT cloud service platform, it is not only connected with a different type of IoT network including Sigfox, Lorawan, NB-IoT devices. It standardized all the device data into a well-defined format and display into industrial dashboards.

Our Service Brand

ecTrak® is a world-class Location Tracking cloud service platform, it provides a different type of location service-related solutions for different industrial.

Our Technical Partners
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