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IoT Case Studies

Smart Facility Management

The IoT (Internet of Things) Enables Proactive Facility Management

For every building, e.g. pump room may has water leaking, machines running in machine rooms may over heat, temperature over heat at club house, air quality too bad at lobby, restaurant refrigerator temperature too high. Meanwhile, facilities teams are often short-staffed and their duty is to provide security, facility fix, etc, instead of monitor individual rooms and facility, especially when only essential care professionals are on duty during night shifts. Therefore, the IoT can be an integral part of effective facility management in buildings.

Internet of Things Technologies used:

  • ecMonitor NB-IoT flooding sensors
  • ecMonitor NB-IoT temperature & humidity sensors
  • ecMonitor NB-IoT door sensors
  • ecMonitor Wireless Air Quality sensors
  • ecMonitor IoT Cloud Subscription Platform
  • Download Smart Facility Management leaflet


pump room

ecMonitor flooding sensor in pump rooms

machine room

ecMonitor temperature sensor in machine rooms


ecMonitor air quality sensor in building lobby

door exit

ecMonitor door lock sensor in emergency exists


ecMonitor water flooding sensor in pantry


ecMonitor flooding sensor in toliet

Smart Cold Chain Monitoring

The IoT (Internet of Things) enabling continue real-time cold chain visibility

Effective seamlessly monitor the temperature reading of your food process from factory to retail shop to make sure providing the best quality food to the consumer.

Our Internet of Things sensors are suitable for different conditions to help you monitor your food temperature changes on every stages. With using our ecMonitor Cloud service, all temperature reading will be record automatically, you will also be able to receive any abnormal changes at any stages.

Internet of Things Technologies applied:

  • ecMonitor NB-IoT temperature sensors
  • ecMonitor LoRaWAM temperature sensors
  • ecTrak GPS tracker
  • ecTrak car used temperature sensors
  • ecMonitor IoT Cloud Platform
  • Download Smart Cold chain leaflet



ecMonitor temperature sensor in food cloud store


ecMonitor temperature sensor inside cold containers


ecMonitor temperature sensor inside the refrigerators

freeze truck

ecTark GPS & temperature sensor in cold truck


ecMonitor sensor inside the retail shop cold food containers


ecMonitor temperature sensor inside the retail shop warm food containers

Smart Facility Room Monitoring

IoT (Internet of Things) enabled smart environment monitor for facility rooms

Real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, water flooding, door open status, people movement etc is very important for all kind of facility room managers or support engineers.

However facility rooms may not like data center can have all pre-built communication cables and power supply points for different area monitoring. Therefore IoT (Internet of Things) can provide a good choice for facility rooms.

Internet of Things Technologies applied:



ecMonitor sensors installed in server rooms

signal room

ecMonitor sensors installed in signal rooms

communication room

ecMonitor sensors installed in communication rooms

People Tracking in construction site

IoT (Internet of Things) enabled people tracking in improving workplace safety for construction industry

Our people tracking IoT solution mainly apply where long term projects are involved; like construction of commercial buildings, tunnels, etc. It helps in improving workplace safety, reducing operational bottlenecks, improve accountability and visibility.

Internet of Things Technologies applied:



People locator inside the safety helmet

construction site

ecMonitor NB-IoT BLE receiver installed at construction site


ecMonitor LoRaWAN BLE receiver installed in the tunnel

Smart Container Terminal Monitoring

Applying IoT (Internet of Things) to container terminal operation

In order to run an efficient and reliable container port, there need to be IoT systems for certain functions in order to avoid inefficiency and duplication of process for port users. IoT with GPS system is one of the important system. As the ports running many tractors and equipment in a small area. Therefore, any lateness from the tractor will affect the efficiency of whole port operation

Internet of Things Technologies applied:



GPS tracker installed at tractors


Collect data from crane

overheight frames

Collect data from equipment

Smart recycle bin collection

Using IoT enable smart recycle bin collection process

A growing number of cities around the globe are applying technology to waste management solution to create higher efficiency in terms of resources and cost associated with keeping their cities clean.

The waste management industry has implemented IoT-related solutions to improve their efficiency.  From waste container bins equipped with RFID, waste truck equipped with RFID reader, GPS, scale system. All the waste data and location can be updated to the Cloud at real time base.  Appling the big data management and real time tracking, the industry is shifting into a cleaner, more efficient part of modern life.

Internet of Things Technologies applied:



RFID tag on the waste bin


RFID reader, GPS and IoT device installed on waste truck

ectrak system

Real-time monitor the waste bin status and collection point