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Real-time GPS tracking makes your fleet secure and less vulnerable to costly downtime and insurance claims. A tracked fleet is a profitable fleet, and our easy-to-use GPS tracking solution will manage your vehicles to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Believe GPS data is not only give you the location and the car information, you should be able to use the data for performance analysis to increase your company KPI…

System Key Features

Cloud SaaS Service

Our service is running under the leader cloud provider Alibaba Cloud,  the system resource will be auto scale up based on the resource loading. We can ensure enough resource to your usage required!

Auto Backup

Our service is high availability enabled, your data not only can be securely stored, but also auto backup to protect your data!

Thousands of cars on map

Auto refreshing real time vehicle location and displaying thousands of vehicles on the map at same time may cause a lot of problems for your business. We can help you to resolve these problems using our cluster and heat map display!

Indoor Tracking

Unique technology to track your car indoor e.g. underground car park, inside building, running under flyover. No infrastructure is required!

Advanced filter

Use our advanced filter functions, you can only focus on what you really want to monitor. That can help you to monitor efficiently and find out the problem quickly!

Self-defined alerts

User can self-define geo-fencing and alerts based on your own usage. The alerts will trigger email, SMS and display on our alert center! Users need to enter the alert code to handle the alerts.

Big Data Analysis

System provides different analysis reports, including vehicle usage report, alert analysis report, job status report, etc. Besides the reports, big data analysis tools are also provided to analyse your big data!

Multi platforms/devices

System supports multi platforms and different devices, including PC, tablets and different size mobile phone. It helps you to monitor and manage your fleet anywhere and anytime!

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