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Product FAQs

Hardware Questions

How many wireless sensors can be supported by ecMonitor Gateway?

Each ecMonitor® Gateway can support around 5-10 wireless sensors depending on the type of sensors connected.

How far is the distance between sensor and the gateway?

ecMonitor® use different wireless technology to apply on different users’ cases, including ZigBee for room or office base user case, LoRa for building or campus base user case, NB-IOT anywhere needs to install user cases. Please contact our professional team to provide the most suitable solution for your case.

Can I add additional sensors to the wireless network after first installation?

Yes, you can expand your wireless network as needed.

How to design a wired or wireless sensor?

Basically, wired sensors are suitable for remote site monitoring. For more details, please contact our professional team for advice.

How to extend the range of the wireless sensor network?

The range of the wireless sensors and wireless gateways can be extended by using more sensors in between. The added sensor can be added to the wireless network in order to extend the distance.

How do the wireless sensors connect to the ecMonitor Sensor Cloud on the internet?

Each ecMonitor® wireless sensors comes ready to connect to the ecMonitor® Gateways. ecMonitor® has different wireless gateways, including WiFi, Ethernet, 3G or LTE.

If you use ecMonitor® NB-IOT sensor, the sensor will connect to the ecMonitor® Sensor Cloud directly through NB-IoT connection.


Software Questions

How many user accounts can I have for ecTrak GPS tracking platform?

Each company will be assigned one user admin account. You can use your admin account to create your web user accounts.

How many vehicles can be supported by ecTrak platform?

ecTrak® is a cloud-based platform, in which the platform will be based on the resource required to scale up the cloud resource.